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We activity in produce,sale,install and run weighing the Equipments, industrial automation, Mechanisation and exact tools production, repair and maintenance
all types of heavy and high-heavy electeronical weighbridges in different capacities(50tons- 60 tons- 80 tons-5 tons nissan carrier and10 tons East carrier ), metal side of weighbridge 1-10 tons, trade and industrial Weighbridge, Electronical industrial balancer, digital weighbridge 50 kg capacity, people carrier,loader weighbridge, and Weights Liftrag . according to the available technical Potential and use the new global technologies,notify our preparness in Consultation, design, produce and supply ,install and run, Maintenance
and support all related systems in Online state ,and we hope these works be done in way of dear Iran plans and goals


Group: Equipment & Machinery

Company work: sale and install all types of road weighbridge, side of weighbridge,club weighbridge and Pharmaceutical balances, loader weighbridge and sacker systems, and also packaging appliances


Main products: sale all types of 50 and 60 tons road weighbridge, East carrier, nissan carrier, side of weighbridge 1- 10 tons, Livestock carrier in order to cow and calf weighing

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CEO: Hashemi
Tell phone: +982181661076
Fax: +982188846662
Address: No 29, Ferdowsi square, at the bigginning of qarani, Tehran, iran
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