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Tejarat Etehad Talayi Arvand ( TETA ), registration number 3973 in commercial and industrial Arvand Free Zone ( Abadan – Khorramshahr ) has been registered and their activities in trade, export, import and marketing of goods and services in target markets, especially potential market of Iraq and the Persian Gulf Arabic countries has begun.
Of the managers and the executive team of the company in marketing , professional business and legal affairs of veterans and active in the supply of trade, with Relying on his brilliant records and communications capabilities available in the same previous set, this company was founded and registered to.


Group: Transportation & Trade

Company work: Specialized marketing. Commerce. Export is possible. Attract dealers

Services: Specialized marketing. Commerce. Export is possible. Attract dealers

Main products: A variety of food and agricultural products, consumer products, a variety of goods and services to the customer demand in the target market

Contact Details

CEO: Hamed Bawi
Website: http://www.tetatrading.com
Email: info@tetatrading.com
Tell phone: 982166905285 +
Fax: 982166905285 +
Address: Branch Ground, No. 22,N.Western Ave, Tohid Square, Tehran, Iran
Postal Code: 1457873481

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