PERSIAN CARGO Parsian( Private Joint Stock)

Company Transportation & Trade



Group: Transportation & Trade

Company work: (Air Transport ,Ground Transport& Marine Transport, (Exports & Imports

Services: Providing Air, Ground & Marine Ttransport Services (Import and Export),
Waybill issuance of all airlines,
Provision of customs services and clearance of all customs,
Send postal packets and freight (cargo-passenger),
Send documents,certificates & product samples abroad,
Load collection from origin or destination and carry to airport,
Provides packaging services according to airline standards,
Packaging and transportation of hazardous commodities.

Main products:

Contact Details

CEO: Vahid Asadi
Tell phone: +982151005210
Fax: +982151005209
Address: No.10, Terminal Bar,Next to commercial customs Region (2),Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran
Postal Code:

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