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Novin Giti Gene (NGene) is a biotechnology company aiming to identify, develop & commercialize Biotech and Nanotech products. NGene has committed itself to invest in its future R&D portfolio and to boost its capabilities in the areas of genetic engineering, molecular biology, nanobiotechnology, food biotechnology and tissue culture. NGene enjoys a world-class team of scientists well familiar with cutting-edge developments in different branches of science, who is ready to perform research and business projects within the scope of the company.


Group: Hi Tech

Company work: Genetic engineering, Molecular biology, Nanobiotechnology, Food biotechnology, Tissue Culture, Create & set up tissue culture laboratories, Gene transfer & Genomics


Main products: Commercial propagation protocols via tissue culture,
Natural nanopolymers food supplement

Contact Details

CEO: Pejman Azadi
Tell phone: +982144787436
Address: NovinGiti Gene R&D Center, National Institute of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Biotechnology Incubator Shahrak-e Pajoohesh, Km 15 Tehran-Karaj Highway ,Tehran
Postal Code: 1497716316

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