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“Laleh International Hotel Group” is derived from the name of the five-star international hotel in Tehran, and is affiliated with Iran Tourism Development Co., which was established in 1970 by putting Tehran Laleh International Hotel into operation, and gradually developed into a coherent chain group during the -70s and -80s, in the form of five hotels and a hydrotherapy complex in different cities of Iran.
The outcome of activities of this hotel group has led to a chain of distinguished and outstanding hotels with the aim of promoting customer services, and reviving the capacities and potentials of Iran Tourism.
“Laleh International Hotel Group” has been able to acheive a special position in the tourism industry, especially in “Halal Tourism”, inside and outside the country with the existence of these six best hotels in Iran.
By serving Halal foods, paying attention to prayer times, equipping all rooms with the Holy Quran and prayer books, broadcasting religious programs, prohibiting unlawful deeds according to Islam, and creating separate sections for men and women in sports and recreational areas such as the Hydrotherapy complex, swimming pool, gym etc., “Laleh International Hotel Group” is known as an outstanding and successful brand in Halal tourism and hospitality, and is considered as a criterion in promoting Islamic-Iranian art and culture in the form of the ancient tradition of hospitality.


Group: Tourism

Company work: Hotel Management

Services: Royal and Imperial Rrooms, Iranian,Chinese and French restaurants with live music, gyms, Pools and Saunas, Salon for ceremonies

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