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CinnaGen Co. started its operation in 1994 with the support of teams most specialized in research and development, production and quality control in the field of biotechnology. CinnaGen Co. aims to promote science of biotechnology and its advent in production. CinnaGen Co. is a producer and distributor of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and research products. CinnaGen Co. specialists have produced close to 50 biotechnology products in accordance with the latest production standards and GMP with no technological affiliation. Although CinnaGen Co. is technologically matchless in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA),it does not consider any limits for progress because the will power of its experts has helped CinnaGen Co. to achieve self-confidence through relying on talents and knowledge, close cooperation with international production – research centers and facing risks in production. In this regard, CinnaGen Co. is prepared for cooperation with the experts, research centers and production companies in this field and provision of any kind of technical, technological and production consultations in applied research and production.


Group: Hi Tech

Company work: production of biotechnological drugs and pharmaceutical recombinant proteins , Production of diagnostic kits and research in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering, Production of pharmaceutical raw materials and production of synthetic peptide of research services in biotechnology and technology transfer.


Main products: ™CinnaPoietin، CinnaGen & Abdi ibrahim Signing Ceremony، PegaGen، CinnaFact(buserelin)، ReciGen (IFNβ1a)، CinnaRelin

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CEO: Hale Hamedifar
Tell phone: 982144666203+
Fax: +982188561575
Address: No.2 , 7thSt., Simaye Iran St., Shahrak Gharb, Tehran
Postal Code: 1466998741

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