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Mahdi Rafati Trading Company was established in 1995 in the heart of saffron farmlands, Khorasan province, with the aim to extract best quality saffron right from the hands of farmers and by the help of our long experience as well as exercising various experiments over them, pick out those best threads which properly deserves our esteem customers. This company is a member of Iran Chamber of Commerce by membership ID No. 241804 and a member of Saffron Exporters Union by membership ID No. 9-129. Also we are a member of AECO, Iran Export Development Center and Saffron Industrial Cluster. We had exports to those countries which have well known saffron and use that to enjoy its wonderful aroma, flavor, color and taste. These countries include European countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden as well as Asians like U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, India and Malaysia. Moreover, since 2 years ago, this company has begun its extensive activity toward introducing the RED GOLD to those regions which have no familiarity with this nutritious product. These countries include Brazil, Venezuela, Singapore and Indonesia.


Group: Agriculture & Food

Company work: Saffron Production


Main products: Saffron

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CEO: Mahdi Rafati
Tell phone: +985138424701
Fax: +985138458264
Address: No. 29, Hakim Nezami 4, Kuhsangi, Mashhad
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