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Rahsoo trading company (registered number: 27686) as official customs broker of Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate with respected businessmen in Various spheres, including import, export, customs clearance and consulting.
Experts updated information of laws and regulations, direct involvement in many areas of business operations Along with the belief in customer satisfaction, surely fond memories of working with the company in the minds of customers.
All our efforts is to define the exact processes involved in foreign trade in order to minimize the cost and time of product owners, and provide the satisfaction to attract their long-term support.
Working with Rahsoo trading company compared to companies relying on domestic forces, will have a lower risk.


Group: Transportation & Trade

Company work: International trade

Services: import, export, commercial and customs consultation

Main products:

Contact Details

CEO: Mr.Abbaslou
Website: http://www.rahsoo.com
Email: info@rahsoo.com
Tell phone: +982632818667
Fax: +982632862908
Address: No.76, After Shahid Anbari Clinic, Khorasani St, Kianpoor St, Before Mesbah Crossroad, Emam Hossein Sq, Karaj
Postal Code: 3158713313

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