Pouyesh Chap

Company Printing & Packaging


Pouyesh Chap Kermanshah’s company with specialists, advanced technology and modern machineries operate within about adecade has been among the major factories of producing and printing all kinds of packaging wrappers.
It always tries to update the inform


Group: Printing & Packaging

Company work: Producing different kinds of wrapping for packing food, medical and hygienic products


Main products: Butter wraper, Doy pack, Lid, Single Sachets

Contact Details

CEO: Norozi
Website: http://pouyeshchap.com
Email: info@pouyeshchap.com
Tell phone: +982188741050
Fax: +982188740940
Address: Unit 14, First Floor, No.50, First of Hoveyzeh, Sabounchi St, Shahid Beheshti Ave, Tehran
Postal Code: 1533654837

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