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Mashad Carpet is the largest member of Mashad Industrial Group and one of the largest manufacturers of machine-made carpets in Iran. The Company established in 1978 with the production capacity of 240,000 square meter in the city of Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran.

In order to be a respected and competitive manufacturer locally and internationally, Mashad Carpet has always benefited from a committed and experienced management team and skillful engineers and workforce. The production capacity has continuously increased to 2,400,000 square meter annually. Today, MC is utilizing the best fibers from Germany’s Dralon, the highest quality dyes and chemicals from top European companies, and pure New Zealand wool and pure silk yarn has strengthen Mashad Carpet’s presence in local and worldwide markets.

Mashad Carpet is well-known for its high standards of quality and innovative designs and is the pioneer producer of the highest quality machine-made area rugs in Iran, the Middle-East and worldwide. From the design stage to the delivery of the products to dealers and end users, Mashad Carpet’s attention to details and commitment to excellence have made it a respected leader in the global textile industry and a proven choice among consumers.
Continuous deployment of new technology across production floor is another way we show commitment to quality and customer service


Group: Textiles & Handicrafts

Company work: Carpet Production


Main products: Wool & Viscose، Wool، Acrylic

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CEO: Reza Hamidi
Tell phone: +982122012612
Fax: +982122012621
Address: Unit4, No100, Azadadi St, Valie Asr Ave, Tehran
Postal Code: 1967932765

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