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Kasra Hospital makes effort to serve the patients by all means in scientific and well-equipped environment and best personnel and services in the world. In this regard, the best and most efficient nursing staff, services and physicians and scientists, and the majority of the first class professors, as the best medical equipments and therapies and surgical procedures in the world are being provided, hence the main mission of the Hospital is the best and most qualified medical services.


Group: Pharmaceutical & Health

Company work: Therapeutic Centre

Services: Surgery Ward, Hemodialysis Ward, Internal Ward, Nuclear Medicine Ward, Cardiac Intensive Care Ward, Stone Crusher Ward, Audiology Clinic

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CEO: Qasem Rohollahi
Website: http://www.kasrahospital.ir
Email: kasra_hospital@yahoo.com
Tell phone: +982188774444
Fax: +982188781515
Address: Alvand Ave, Arjantin Sq, Tehran
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