Farayand Dana Co

Company Engineering & Technical Services



Group: Engineering & Technical Services

Company work: Evaportaion & Crystalization Salt Plant Salt washing plant sodium sulphate plants Waste treatment project

Services: Environment Protection, Evaporation plants for scrubber effluents, Zero discharge systems for power stations and waste recovery(ZLD System), Selective product or by-product recovery from waste waters, Caustic- and acid concentration plants

Main products: rocess Equipment and Machinery, Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Vacuum-dryers, Filter-dryers, Drum flakers, Agitator, Cartridge Filter, Evaporators, Crystalisor, pusher centrifuge, scrapper centrifuge, drug centrifige

Contact Details

CEO: Mr. Kazemi
Website: www.danaeng.com
Email: omid200us@yahoo.com
Tell phone: +982188987347
Address: No.17, N.Vali asr St. , N.Doc Fatemi St., Tehran, Iran
Postal Code:

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