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ECE is one of the greatest producer and exporter of chemical stuff in Iran and overseas which has been established in 2000, with high range capacity of following products: Vaseline, whit oil (Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial grades), Paraffin wax, cable jelly, jell candle, foots oil, sodium petroleum Sulfonate, emulsifier, flooding compound and etc.
Product capacity in 2006 was over than 20,000 tons in Iran.
ECE products distributed to 29 countries all over the world that most part of then export to Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.


Group: Chemicals & Polymer

Company work: Producer of chemical products


Main products: White Petroleum Jelly /Vaseline,
Liquid paraffin / white oil,
Paraffin Wax Semi-Refined,
Candle Jelly,
Cable Filing Compounds,
Granulated Paraffin Wax,
Modified Bitumen/Isulation Compound,
Natural sodium petroleum sulfonates.

Contact Details

CEO: Seyed Mojtaba Mortazavi
Tell phone: +982188315889
Fax: +982188823273
Address: Apt. No.20, 5th Floor, No.13, Alvand street, Ghaem Magham Ave, Karim Khan Boulevar, Tehran
Postal Code:

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