Breast Cancer Research Center (BCRC)

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Breast Cancer Research Center (BCRC) was founded in 1996 as a research center in breast diseases with the aim of research, education and treatment services for people with breast disease.
BCRC has nearly two decades of experience in research and treatment and recorded dozen of scientific paper in international forums.
This center provides all medical services to patients with breast disease such as diagnostic and treatment services and has more than 50 thousand patients annually from all over Iran and the neighboring countries.
BCRC has researchers from different fields such as genetic, surgery, oncology,radiotherapy, epidemiology and gynaecology.


Group: Pharmaceutical & Health

Company work: Breast Cancer Treatment& Reasearch Center

Services: Training and Providing Therapeutic Services needed by the people and patients around the country in the field of Breast Diseases

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CEO: Keivan Majidzade Ardebili
Tell phone: +982166413701
Fax: +982188796208
Address: No. 146, Gandi Avenue, Vanak Square, Tehran
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