Azarakhsh power transmission Co

Company Electrical & Electronics


Azarakhsh power transmission co. was established in 1376 with 170 skillful and trained members of khorasan regional electrical company. At first, company’s activity was allocated to maintain and retrofit transmission network. Then, it starts EPC and turnkey projects and provides their finances.


Group: Electrical & Electronics

Company work: Repair, maintenance and optimization of Utilities

Services: Repair and maintenance of high voltage lines, construction and development of high voltage lines, optimizing high voltage lines, high voltage substations maintenance, Oil laboratory , etc.

Main products: Oil Tempareture Indicator, Inverter,High Impulse DC Voltage Generator, DC to DC Converter, SVWRKER Relay Test Unit, breaker simulator Device

Contact Details

CEO: Mahmoud Jalalin Zaferani
Tell phone: +985138525230
Fax: +985138525233
Address: Between jahad square and jomhouri square, Shahid Kalantari Highway,Mashhad
Postal Code: 91735-1187

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